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tigerwood deckingThank you for visiting our TigerwoodDecking.com online store! As the leading supplier of Tigerwood decking, we only stock premium grade Tigerwood decking in standard S4S E4E, Pre-Grooved, and Tongue & Groove decking profiles. For over a decade, we’ve been helping people like you buy and build a Tigerwood deck. Now, with our easy and convenient Tigerwood decking online store, you can buy Tigerwood direct, and also have the option of buying various deck accessories, hidden deck fasteners, deck oil finishes, and deck rail systems.

With 24/7 ordering, you can buy online and know that in just a few days, you’ll have your order shipped right to your job site. When you buy direct, you will be ordering Tigerwood straight from the importer. This saves you more money. PLUS when you buy direct from the mill you also receive decreased shipping times and costs.

Have questions about buying Tigerwood online? Call us during our normal office hours, or email us directly.

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